Great Review of the Explora T10 Carbon Fibre Tripod Kit

August 24, 2016 Comment(s)

Amateur Photographer Online Review - August 19th 2016.

A fantastic mini review was done on our Novo Explora T10 Carbon Fibre Tripod Kit, Received a great score of 4.5 out of 5. AP's verdict states "With a lovely feel, great build quality, and both a ball head and detachable monopod, the Novo Explora T10 represents very good value for anyone after a complete carbon fibre tripod kit."

To see the full review please see here.

The Explora T10 is a lightweight, professional carbon fibre tripod. Manufactured from a class leading 8x layered carbon fibre producing stiffer leg sections for greater stability. Extremely Lightweight at 1.75kg (including the head) or 1.34kg (legs only) yet has a maximum height of an impressive 1.6 metres. Reversing the legs 180° gives a smaller carrying / travel profile.

Features include soft rubber fast release twist locks, multiple locking leg angles of 23/50/85 degrees, four leg sections with a top leg section of 28mm and a maximum height of 1610mm. Detachable monopod with a maximum height of 1788mm including the head. Reversible centre column, and shorter centre column supplied for macro and copying work. Sprung hook on centre column for tethering or attaching a stone bag. Detachable rubber and spiked feet. A short tube is also included for low ground level shooting at 155mm. Included is a padded carrying bag with shoulder strap.

The Novo CBH-40 head included in this kit is a beautifully crafted ball head made from a lightweight aviation grade quality anodised aluminium in a distinctive two tone black and silver finish. The 40mm ball has been anodised to create a smooth control of the head without judder or sticking. Control is via a large anatomical lock knob with tension control. The new tough aluminium metal surrounding the ball mechanism offers a smooth, precise and effortless locking system. Silky smooth panoramic control that is independent to the ball lock with graticule markings and with a secondary panoramic adjustment. Arca-Swiss compatible quick release system plate with safety lock and a load bearing of 15kg.

Buy this now for only £179.00, nomally £229.00. Offer ends 15th September 2016.

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