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  • - ND4 (2 stops)
  • - Fixed Neutral Density filter
  • - Nano AR multi-coated
  • - Ultra slim aluminium frame
  • - Superior German Schott 'Super White' glass
  • - Water & oil repellent + scratch resistant
  • - 82mm filter thread
  • - Minimal colour shift (warm)
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Product Description

The advanced NOVO Excel Pro 82mm ND4 ND Filter is an 82mm diameter fixed 2 stop (ND4) neutral density filter. The Novo Excel Pro filters feature nano multi-coatings and additional specialised coatings to provide Water & Oil Repellent + Scratch Resistance properties. High grade aluminium with a black almite finish minimise internal reflections. Manufactured from 'Super White' German Schott glass, leading to superior light transmission and optimum optical performance.

NOVO neutral density ND4 filters provide a reduction of 2 f stops. The Novo Excel Pro fixed ND filter series offer high specification and consistency through the filter range. Minimal vignetting and very low colour shift ensures consistency and repeatability for enthusiast and professional photographers alike. NOVO ND filters are the highest quality multi-coated optical glass to ensure the best performance.

The NOVO Excel Pro fixed ND series feature minimal colour shift verging to a slight warm colour, which is pleasant and desirable for portraiture, or landscapes alike, and can be easily dialled out for a totally neutral colour balance.

The NOVO Excel Pro Vari-ND features a ultra slim black almite frame, and a front filter thread of 82mm, designed to avoid vignetting even on ultra wide angle lenses. The special multi-coated optics ensure the best image quality, retaining full sharpness, minimising unwanted optical artefacts such as ghosting and internal reflections. The Novo fixed NDs offer smooth, linear optical performance over the whole area of the filter and between other filters in Novo's fixed ND range.

Suitable for lenses with 82mm filter thread. For smaller thread sizes it is recommended to use a step-up ring. See here for list. These inexpensive, quality step rings offer attachment of a single ND filter over many lens filter sizes, and avoid the requirement of purchasing the same ND strength in multiple sizes. An added feature is that vignetting is avoided, particularly when mounting to Ultra wide angle lenses.

The NOVO Excel Pro Fixed ND Filters are available in the following sizes and f-stop reduction:

  • 82mm ND4 (2 stops)
  • 82mm ND8 (3 stops)
  • 82mm ND64 (6 stops)
  • 82mm ND1000 (10 stops)

Also Novo produce a Variable ND filter:

  • NOVO Excel Pro 77mm ND8-2000 Variable ND Filter (Vari-ND)

Choosing an ND filter

Below is a basic guide / advice to help when deciding which strength of ND filter is right for a certain type of photography.

ND4 (2 stops)

A 2-stop Neutral Density filter is perfect for wedding, portrait photographers and filmmakers / video or any similar type of shooting situation where you require the widest aperture (lowest F-number) for shallow DOF and maximum bokeh. In bright situations, shooting wide open may not be possible, even with the lowest ISO and fastest shutter speed you can use. With video / film the shutter speed is more limited as too fast shutter speeds can look unnatural or cannot be selected. In these types of situations a 2-stop ND4 would allow another 2 stops to enable you to set the aperture at a wide desired setting, by limiting the light with the ND filter.

ND8 (3 stops)

As above, a 3-stop Neutral Density filter is again perfect for wedding, portrait photographers and filmmakers / video giving an extra stop reduction over an ND4. The ND8 gives a useful 3 stop reduction.
For landscape photography, a 3-stop ND8 can be used at sunrise or sunset to extend the exposure to around minutes (using ISO 100, f11-f16) to capture a wider range of colours and changing scene within one long exposure.

ND64 (6 stops)

The ND64 offers a hefty 6-stop reduction in light. For landscape photographers the ND64 (6 stop) filters are the best used NDs for shooting long exposures, sunsets, sunrises, waterfalls and moving water. Beautiful, dreamy movement blur can be achieved using a 6 stop ND filter creating long exposures. These techniques can also be applied to urban environments for example long exposure techniques to blur away moving people and subjects from a shot. Don't forget with long exposures you will require a very steady tripod, and remote shutter release to avoid unwanted camera shake.

ND1000 (10 stops)

The ND1000 offers a massive 10-stop reduction in light. A 10-stop ND filter generally is used by landscape and abstract photographers. Used for creating long exposure times in very bright conditions. A screw -in 10 stop filter can be preferable than the flat filters, as a screw-in filter avoids light leaks that the flat filter systems have (between the filter, mount and hood that they sit in). Any light leaks will visibly affect and degrade the shot, causing reflections and streaks, exaggerated by the use of long exposure times in bright conditions. For SLR cameras use a blacking plate over the viewfinder to prevent light leaks. The Mirrorless cameras do not have this viewfinder issue, as they don't have an internal pentaprism.

Vari-ND filter (Variable stops)
The biggest advantage of a variable ND is its convenience. Having a range of Neutral Densities in one filter is very convenient as well as being able to have the exact reduction you need. Whilst the cost of Vari-ND filters can be more expensive, the saving of one filter rather than many separate ND's does offset the initial cost. Vari-NDs are effectively a sandwich of two polariser filters together, so you can get polarising effects (which may not be wanted), especially when using wide angle lenses with large areas of sky, and issues of banding near or at the maximum f-stop reduction. Also Vari NDs are thicker and have more glass surfaces therefore have a greater potential for a reduction in quality.


  • 82mm front filter thread
  • Ultra slim black almite frame, only 3mm
  • High grade aluminium frame
  • ND4 (2 stops)
  • Water & oil repellent
  • Scratch resistant
  • Manufactured using class leading 'Super White' German B270 Schott glass
  • Nano AR multi-coatings
  • Minimal colour shift

Whats In The Box

NOVO Excel Pro 82mm ND4 ND Filter (2 stop), Protective filter case.

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    Very impressed

    The Novo ND filters are excellent quality, and great value. Minimal change in colour and very slim filters. I usually stick to branded filters, but after trying some of the Novo Excel ND range now have no hesitations of buying more Novo filters in the future. Very impressed.

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